​Access to Healthcare and Affordable Pharmaceuticals

All Montanans should have access to affordable health care and prescription drugs. Rising health care costs are hurting Montanans with high premiums, increased out-of-pocket costs and higher taxes to cover insurance for state employees. Small businesses struggle to provide health insurance for their employees, and some Montanans even forego medical treatment to avoid unaffordable medical bills.
Due to inaction by the federal government to rein in expenses or implement needed change, these costs are projected to continue rising. On a State level, I support the following: stop price gouging of prescription drugs by big pharma, make drug and hospital prices more transparent, ensure continued access to medical care for rural communities, and maintain Medicaid expansion. 

Small Business and Entreprenurship

As a patent/trademark/copyright attorney, my job is to help entrepreneurs protect their inventions and brands so they can use them to make money and start a business. When elected, I will act as a representative of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Helena and will work on developing policy that helps these groups thrive. I am proud to be part of Montana's start-up scene!

Public Lands

Our public lands are a treasure we must protect. I will defend access to public lands and waters. 


Building a strong public education system is an investment in Montana's future. I will support continued investment in our public schools and will oppose diverting funds away from public education into private or voucher systems. 

Higher Education

I support State investment in our higher education systems. Skilled and highly trained workers are needed in our growing economy and will provide a draw for businesses to move to Montana. ​The decline in state funding of education over the past 20 years has contributed to higher tuition, faculty cuts and reduced quality of education. Because a strong higher education system is an investment towards Montana’s future economy I will support increasing the state’s funding of public higher education costs.


Montana’s economy is changing and our current tax system is outdated: we are not collecting revenue in a way that makes sense. The State legislature needs to allow new sources of revenue and implement tax fairness measures. This may include taxing tourism and recreation and reassessing our income tax brackets. Without new tax sources, local communities will be forced to continue increasing property taxes and bonds for infrastructure, schools and social services. Cutting valuable State programs is not the answer, especially when State-level cuts often force local communities to pick up the tab.


I support clean air, clean energy and clean water. Climate change is real, and I trust our scientists and experts when they say we must continue to protect the environment. I support renewable energy development, and efforts to maintain a clean and healthy environment, which benefits not only the health and safety of our children and grandchildren, but it also benefits the Montana economy. 

Attracting New Business and Tech Jobs

Montana's quality-of-life and outdoor recreation will attract new businesses to our state. To support new businesses and tech jobs I will work to ensure that both employers and employees have what they need to thrive: a trained workforce, modern infrastructure, clean and accessible outdoor recreation, affordable housing, and a public/private partnership between our schools and the private sector. I want to attract clean industries and innovators to our state so graduates will stay in-state for their careers. 


I will fight to protect the privacy of all Montanans from both corporate and government intrusion. Last legislative session I drafted legislation which would have prevented the collection and use of private data without consent, targeting big businesses like Facebook. When elected I will continue to draft legislation that protects your privacy. 


A free and open internet is essential to innovation, communication and entrepreneurship. Governor Bullock's Executive Order protecting net-neutrality was a great step forward in protecting Montanan's access to a free and open internet. I will pursue legislation which supports Gov. Bullock's Executive Order to ensure net-neutrality for all Montanans no matter who we have as Governor. 

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